Rear wheel nuts H2-H2R-H2SX

Rear wheel axle nuts H2-H2R 2015-18

Swingarm eccentric bolts H2-H2R-H2SX

Bullet Rotobox Rear Rim Bolts H2-H2R-H2SX

Rear sprocket bolts H2-H2R-H2SX

Rear suspension Bolts H2-H2R-H2SX

Clutch cover bolts H2-H2R-H2SX-ZH2

Alternator cover bolts H2-H2R-H2SX-ZH2

Shock head plates and bolts H2-H2R-H2SX

Swingarm mounting bolts H2-H2R-H2SX-ZH2

H2-H2R 2019 H2SX 2018 rear wheel axle

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Green Parts Racing designs titanium alloy racing parts for Kawasaki super sports. TI-6AL-4V has a specific gravity of approximately 4.4, compared to 7.8 of OEM chrome molybdenum steel. This allows a mass reduction of approximately 44%. Kawasaki’s iconic green anodizing gives the part an aesthetic and qualitative look. The electrolytic treatment of Ti64 is durable over time, disassembly after disassembly, it retains its new appearance.

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